The AACUC is charged with facilitating centralized, uniform and high quality oversight of the institution’s agricultural animal care program. Details regarding MSU’s AACUC Committee Membership can be found on the University’s OPA website.

Animal Activities that require AACUC review

U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) Policy defines animal as “any live, vertebrate animal used or intended for use in research, research training, experimentation, or biological testing or for related purposes.”

Federal regulations and Montana State University policy require that all activities involving the use of agricultural animals (e.g., research, testing or teaching), must be reviewed and approved by the Agricultural Animal Care and Use Committee (AACUC). Examples of animal use include:

  • Development of new therapies for humans and animals
  • Pre-clinical drug/device experiments
  • Classes to teach surgical and other medical techniques
  • Behavioral studies
  • Tissue harvest for in-vitro studies
  • Breeding of research animals
  • Experiments testing treatments of agricultural animals

Federal Regulations and Guidance

MSU Animal Operations Policies

Protocol Submission and Review

The Agricultural Animal Care and use Committee accepts research protocols and/or protocol modifications anytime for review.

The PI should submit the completed form to AACUC staff at The file can be in the original Word 2007 format or in PDF format.

AACUC will review the protocols and the PI should expect to hear from the committee chair within three weeks.