What are each of the Dean’s Office Staff members responsible for?

This resource is for faculty and staff of the College of Agriculture. The general areas of responsibility for each position are listed, as well as the name of the person in the position. Please see the Dean's Office Staff contact page for contact information.

Organization Chart

Vice President for Agriculture,
Dean of the College of Agriculture,
Director of the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station:
Charles Boyer
  • Provide leadership, management and vision for the COA and MAES through comprehensive efforts on-campus, off-campus, higher education officials and Regents, in the State Assembly, State Executive Offices, and with state agencies, Federal agencies, and Federal elected officials and staff
Assistant Dean for Academic Programs:
Nora Smith
  • Curriculum and courses
  • Student paperwork
  • Student concerns
  • Scholarships
  • Commencement
  • Recruitment and retention of students
Assistant to the Dean and Director:
Susan Fraser
  • Assist the Dean and Director
  • Represent the Dean and Director when appropriate
  • Coordinate the College-level promotion and tenure review
  • Coordinate the MAES Advisory Council
  • Coordinate the COA/MAES proposal submissions to MWBC
  • Assist with the Ag Animal Care and Use Committee
  • Organize and manage the College's special events
Administrative Associate:
Robin Happel
  • First point of contact in the Dean’s office
  • Manage  travel for Dean’s Office staff
  • Provide support to Academic Programs
  • Direct liaison between the Assistant Dean and Dean when necessary
Budget and Fiscal Director:
Jody Barney
  • Prepare budgets for COA, MAES and departments
  • Reconcile and monitor accounts
Fiscal Manager:
Darien Gibson
  • Prepare required MAES reports for USDA-NIFA
  • Reconciliation of Dean’s Office accounts
  • Review and approve BPAs and P-Card reports for departments
  • MAES project reviews
  • Federal property management
  • Property loss program
  • COA/MAES state vehicle licensing and database
Rebecca Bauer
  • Process payments for Dean’s Office bills
  • College of Ag apparel ordering
  • Preparation of purchase requisitions and all required purchasing documentation
  • Management of rental properties for Dean’s Office
Personnel and Payroll Associate:
Brandi Clark
  • Serve as liaison between College of Ag Departments and MSU Human Resources
  • Review and approve departmental personnel and payroll paperwork
  • Assure COA/MAES compliance with civil rights regulations
  • Assist with faculty, staff or student positions and searches
  • Assist the Budget Director with budgeting personnel services
Student Services Coordinator:
Jessica Murdock
  • Assist the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs
  • Recruitment and retention of students
  • Orientations
  • Scholarships
  • Commencement
Information Technology Director:
Matt Rognlie
  • Technology support for the Vice President's Office
  • Systems administrator for College of Agriculture servers (Web, database, file, print)
  • Network and systems support for remote locations
  • Long-range planning, technology coordination with MSU central IT services
Communications Associate:
Jenny Lavey
  • Manage communications for the COA/MAES
  • Technical writing and editing for the COA/MAES
  • Draft and submit NIFA annual Federal Reporting 
  • Edit and publish all COA/MAES publications and marketing collateral
Computer Support Specialists:
Chris Leonti and Paul Hoglund
  • Computer and technology support for the departments in the College of Agriculture
  • Desktop security, anti-virus, anti-spyware
Plant Growth Center Manager:
David Baumbauer
  • Manage the resources at the Plant Growth Center
  • Work with faculty on research in the PGC
  • Instructor for Commercial Plant Production, Organic Market Gardening
  • Manager of MSU Horticulture Farm
Software Engineer:
John Sully
  • Web application programming
  • Database engineering
  • Data warehousing, analysis, reporting
Farm Operations Manager:
Dave Gettel
  • Manage the resources at the Post Farm
  • Work with faculty on crop-related research
  • Field work at all Bozeman area properties