The College prides itself on the quality of its academic advising. Please contact the specific department in which you are interested for more information.

  • Agricultural Economics & Economics: 994-3701; 306 Linfield
  • Agricultural Education: 994-2132; 230 Linfield
  • Animal & Range Sciences: 994-5582; 203 Animal Bioscience Building
  • Biotechnology: 994-5908; 210 Plant Bioscience Building
  • Land Resources & Environmental Sciences: 994-3090; 334 Leon Johnson Hall
  • Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology: 994-4832; 324 Leon Johnson Hall
  • Microbiology and Immunology: 994-4903; 127 Molecular Bioscience Building
    • Pre-veterinary Science: 994-5598; 119 Animal Bioscience Building
  • General Agriculture: 994-5744; 202 Linfield Hall

The administration, faculty, and students of Montana State University believe that academic honesty and integrity are fundamental to the mission of higher education. The Conduct Guidelines and Grievance Procedures for Students are available to view here. The Academic Misconduct Reporting Form for MSU is available here.

Unsure about a major? Looking for general help and assistance? Please feel free to stop by the Dean's Office: 202 Linfield Hall, or reach us at or 994-3681.