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Western Agricultural Research Center

Views of the Western Agricultural Research Center in Montana


The Western Agricultural Research Center (WARC) is located in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana. It is one of seven research centers comprising the Department of Research Centers in the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station of Montana State University. Each center addresses agricultural needs for its unique area of the state. Western Montana has a varied agricultural community, with small to mid-sized acreages which are conventionally and organically farmed.

Research at the Western Agricultural Research Center involves irrigated agriculture and rangeland weeds. Program areas include Soil Science and Agronomy, and Biological Weed Control. Please see the links at left to learn more.

Our Mission

The mission of the Western Agricultural Research Center is to serve the specific needs of the clientele in our production area and the broader needs of Montana agriculture in general. This is accomplished through applied research directed to the problems and impacts of agricultural production. The Montana State University Agricultural Experiment Station's mission as established in 1893 by the state statute is "to conduct and promote studies, scientific investigations and experiments relating to agriculture, natural resources and rural life, and to diffuse information thereby acquired among the people of Montana." Thus, the research centers fulfill the agricultural research component of Montana State University's federal Land Grant University mission of teaching, research and extension.