To request emeritus status

  1. Complete the Board of Regents template.
  2. The length of the document should be between one and two pages.
  3. Write it as a narrative testimonial to the success and impact of the professor. Imagine having the nomination read out loud at the Regents meeting or at a ceremony endowing the title on the professor.
  4. Forward the completed template to the Dean’s Office with a nomination memo from the Department Head, as specified in the current Faculty Senate policy. The nomination memo does not need to be lengthy.
  5. Provide the Regents template and nomination memo in an electronic format.


If the Dean approves of the request, it will be forwarded to the Provost’s Office. If the Provost approves of the request, it will be added as an agenda item for the next Board of Regents’ meeting and acted upon by the Regents.

Please forward any questions about the template or process to the Dean’s Office (Susan Fraser, 406-994-3681 or

Board of Regents Policy Reference.


  • Visit the Board of Regents website for examples of other nominations. Go to the agenda of any of the main meetings and look under the Staff and Compensation Committee for “Consent Staff Items.”