The Fertilizer Advisory Committee will hold their annual meeting in Bozeman February 6-7, 2020 and will hear progress reports from FY 2020 funded projects, and consider proposals for FY 2021 funding. The FY 2020 progress reporting and FY 2021 proposal review process will be managed by the MAES Associate Director's office. For questions, please email Anton Bekkerman

Project proposal deadline: Wednesday, January 22, 2020

As a reminder, the intent of the research funding is to "(1) be used for comprehensive statewide educational and experimental programs aimed at optimum use of fertilizers for feed and food production, and (2) to improve Montana’s economy by providing farmers and ranchers the most accurate information possible about fertilizer use and soil management for greatest profits consistent with environmental protections on the many varied soil and climatic conditions of the state.”  Researchers should keep this in mind as they prepare a proposal as well as the accompanying presentation to the committee.

Instructions for a required proposal format are as follows:

  • Not to exceed six pages in length. 
  • Please include "Proposal" at the top of the title page.
  • An OSP Proposal Clearance Form is not required. 


  1. Project name
  2. Principal investigators and cooperators
  3. Introduction and justification for meeting the dual intents of the funding (see above)
  4. Objectives
  5. Materials and methods
  6. Expected results
  7. Relevance and prospective benefits to Montana agriculture
  8. Proposed budget (see table below)
  9. Budget justification 
  10. Reference (minimal) 


  • Please use the budget table format below (and add rows as needed). Please provide budget splits between PIs and departments on your budget table. Reminder: Funds for these proposals are not available until July 1, 2020 and must be spent by June 30, 2021.  
    Project Proposal
    Budget Item   Amount Requested Budget splits/PIs and Depts.
    Publication Charges    
    Contracted Services    
    Total Requested    
    Multi-year est. # of yrs    
    Multi-year est. budget    

  When completed, please submit your MFAC proposal in PDF format here: