The College of Agriculture has extisted for as long as Montana State University has, founded as Montana State College in 1893. We are proud to be the state's flagship agricultural college and a regional leader in education, research and engagement. 

Land Grant Institutions

MSU is one of more than 110 land grant universities (LGUs) in the U.S. Learn more about land grant universities, their purpose and the nationwide community we are a part of.

Notable Events

The College of Agriculture has grown from an initial student body of eight students to the nearly 2,000 we serve today. In that time, we have conducted critical research on diseases from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever to COVID-19, endured the historic challenges of world wars and the Great Depression, and continued to fulfill our land grant mission. Learn about our history and growth over more than a century.

Deans and Directors

For 130 years, pioneering men and women have led our college and the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station. Explore our directory of deans, directors, and associate/assistant deans

Linfield Hall

Our home building on the MSU campus is named for Frederick Linfield, who served as the dean of the college and director of MAES from 1904-1937, combining those roles beginning in 1913. Built in 1909, it was originally known as Morrill Hall in honor of the Morrill Act, which created the land grant university system, but in 1909 was renamed to acknowledge the memory of this critical character in our history. Learn more about Linfield Hall.