Title and Registration Tips

To get a new vehicle title, the following items need to be sent to the Dean's Office, who then sends it to the Title & Registration Bureau:

  1. Application for Certificate of Title for a Motor Vehicle
    1. Must be filled out completely
    2. Section E must be signed and dated by the Dean's Office
  2. Current Certificate of Title
    1. The title must be signed by the original owner
    2. If the vehicle was purchased through a dealership, it needs a dealership signature
    3. The correct name of the purchaser is "Montana Agricultural Experiment Station"
    4. Section E on the title must be filled out and signed by the Dean's Office
    5. If the vehicle is being purchased from the original owner and not a dealership, the odometer certification needs to be signed and notarized
    6. Trailer titles differ from vehicles and don't require as many signatures
  3. Copy of the invoice or Bill of Sale
  4. Odometer Statement
    1. This does not apply to trailers
    2. The dealership should provide at least one copy (yellow and/or pink) of a signed odometer disclosure statement
    3. Make sure it is signed as transferee. It may be signed by the PI who obtained the vehicle
    4. If the dealership did not provide a separate odometer statement, make sure that a dealer's agent signs section D of the application.

Obtaining Insurance

Fill out the Vehicle Insurance Form, available for download here. The Dean's Office processes the BPA. Note the appropriate index number(s) for the insurance and license fee. The Dean's Office processes BPA for title and registration; insurance is billed to departments around December of each year.

Payment Breakdown:

  • Tilting fee: Motor Vehicle $12, trailer $10
  • Plate Fee - $10
  • Temporary Registration - $3

Required information for Insurance Form:

  • Date of report
  • Name, phone number and email address of person reporting
  • Reason (change or add)
  • Dates of acquisition and disposal
  • MSU Department Name, organization number, contact person (PI) name, phone number and email address
  • Insurance information: full or liability, index number for insurance and index number for license fee
  • Vehicle year, license plate number, VIN, make, model, color, market value, monthly lease amount and mileage
  • Engine (V6 or V8), Drive (2- or 4-wheel), lease (yes or no), loan (yes or no), extended cab (yes or no), transmission (manual or automatic)