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News from the College of Ag

Announcements and Awards

College of Ag Research Needs Assessment

This summer, the College of Agriculture and MAES are seeking your opinion on research needs in the state, and we want your feedback! Please take the time to fill out this short survey and share it with producers and constituents so we can do the best possible job of shaping future investments to the needs of our stakeholders.

Recent Awards

  • PhD alum Dr. Vinicius Ferreira received the 2022 Jean Theodore Lacordaire Prize from the Coleopterists Society.The Lacordaire Prize is awarded annually for the best published paper based upon a PhD dissertation on the biology and evolution of beetles. Dr. Ferreira's winning paper was published in the Journal Insect Systematics and Diversity. He completed his dissertation in MSU's PSPP department in 2021 and is currently finishing a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoc at the Zoological Museum of the University of Copenhagen. This is the second time an MSU dissertation has received this award.
  • Alex Trauner, a recent master’s graduate in Animal and Range Sciences, placed first in the equine reproduction section of the graduate student competition at the Equine Science Society Symposium in Texas for her thesis "Late gestation maternal overnutrition alters gene expression and histomorphology in neonatal foal testes.”
  • Matt Conrad, a recent master’s graduate in Animal and Range Sciences, presented his thesis "Clodronate Use in Yearling Exercising Horses on Endocrine Regulation of Bone Growth and Development" at the Equine Science Society Symposium in Grapevine, Texas.  
  • LRES faculty Tracy Sterling and Bob Peterson were recognized for their long histories of research and discovery at last month's Western Directors Joint Meeting! Dr. Sterling and Dr. Peterson are part of the ongoing project "Agrochemical Impacts on Human and Environmental Health: Mechanisms and Mitigation," which includes faculty nationwide and has conducted research for nearly 70 years. Researchers in that group have produced over 100 publications and secured more than $5 million in collaborative grant funding. Congratulations and thank you for your excellent work, Drs. Sterling and Peterson!

Further Announcements

The USDA and NIH have open applications for grant reviewers. You can find more information here for the USDA and here for the NIH.

Upcoming Events

2023 Research Center Field Days

Summer field day season isn't over yet! Please join us at one of the upcoming field days across the state.

More Events

  • The 406 Grazing Academy was held June 6-8 in Anaconda. Attendees learned about rangeland health assessment and utilization and heard from ranchers who shared their grazing strategies and lessons learned. The field day was a collaboration between MT DNRC Rangeland Resources Program, MSU Extension, MT Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative and the MSU Dan Scott Ranch Management Program.  
  • The Department of Animal & Range Sciences held its first Peaks and Potentials workshop this year. The workshop, “Who let the Cows Out? Modern Animal Science,” introduced campers to animal and range sciences, including genetics, animal breeding, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and technology applications in studying domestic animals and wildlife. The course was coordinated by associate professor Jennifer Thomson and graduate student Nate Schaff, with graduate student Matt Conrad helping with instruction.

Recent Publications

You can find a full list of recent publications from MSU's Library and Office of Sponsored Programs here.

For current and upcoming funding opportunities, check out the MSU Office of Research and Economic Development database here.