Pre-Registration Advising Process

Students will be contacted mid-semester and prompted to set up an academic advising appointment for the upcoming registration period. Students may also look in DegreeWorks to determine who their academic advisor and request an appointment. All students should create a plan in DegreeWorks before meeting with their academic advisor. 

Student and Academic Advisor Responsibilities and Expectations 

In order for academic advising to be as successful as possible, both students and academic advisors should understand their specific responsibilities.

Student Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Be prepared for all advising meetings; build and update your plan in DegreeWorks
  • Be aware of registration and add/drop deadlines
  • Explore your career interests and goals, and seek your advisor's input on your plans
  • Share your aspirations, situations, and issues that may affect the timing of your coursework
  • Take full responsibility for your course schedule and graduation requirements
  • Be familiar with and adhere to MSU academic policies
  • Be familiar with your department's performance standards for graduation
  • Be familiar with the course requirements in your academic option
  • Meet with your advisor at least once per semester
  • Keep copies of all forms you submit to or receive from your department and/or other MSU offices
  • Check your MSU email address daily
  • Follow up as needed with the appropriate office on all communications you receive from your department and/or any MSU offices

Advisor Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Engage students in discussion and exploration of their career objectives and aspirations
  • Be knowledgeable about general academic policies and procedures and your option's requirements
  • Maintain current knowledge about student resources
  • Discuss and sign advisees' worksheets and add/drop forms as appropriate
  • Sign forms relating to National Student Exchange and study abroad, degree progress forms for athletics and ROTC, veterans and financial aid
  • Be prepared to refer students to appropriate university services should a student request such assistance
  • Be available to advisees during regularly scheduled office hours and by appointment as necessary
  • Return emails and phone calls in a timely manner
  • Refer inquires from parents to the Associate Dean of Academic Programs