Part of a USDA New Beginnings grant through the Blackfeet Community College , Indigenous Pathways in Agriculture is a newly developed student support program for all Indigenous students in agriculture. Our focus is on student success within the College of Agriculture here at Montana State University. Indigenous Pathways in Agriculture will host a Variety of programs, scholarships, and tutoring opportunities throughout the academic school year to aid in a community of Indigenous students. Our outreach for the moment is via email; if you would like to be added to our email list please send your information to By sending your information; it will enable you to stay updated with the program initiatives.

The Blackfeet Nation consists of 1.5 million acres with a wide range of landscapes from mountains to plains including five watersheds that crossing through. Ranching, farming and recreational use are prevalent in the Blackfeet Nation. Buffalo "Iinii" once roamed the Tribal Nation in large numbers before being tragically endangered.The New Beginnings grant will focus on the impacts of reintroducing buffalo "Iinii" back on the Blackfeet Nation; creating innovative student research opportunities within the Blackfeet Nation. This Program includes collaboration between MSU an Blackfeet Community College that will link students with both cultural and modern techniques in research and agriculture. Ultimately creating a collective agricultural program between Blackfeet Community College and Montana State University. 

Below you can access an application for Indigenous Pathways in Agriculture scholarship program. Due to the increasingly high demand for student support and scholarships, our application is on a rolling deadline. Please fill the application out completely and email it to If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the email above or stop by 117 Linfield Hall. 

 Indigenous Pathways on Agriculture scholarship application:



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