Log into MyInfo and access Degreeworks to find your academic advisor. If an advisor is not specified, please contact your academic department or reach out to the College of Agriculture Advising Center for assistance.      406.994.3681

Your academic advisor will assist with course related questions, meet with you during academic advising season, and sign academic forms such as a the change of curriculum form (if you change majors) and add/drop forms


Adding or Dropping a Course?

Click here to find information on how to add or drop a course.

Signature of the Assistant Dean is only needed if adding after the 10th semester day or dropping after the withdrawal deadline for extraordinary reasons only.

On the add/drop form, for the 'Assistant Dean' signature, use: Tracy Dougher


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Academic Advising in the College:

The College of Agriculture prides itself on the quality of its academic advising. Each student is assigned an academic advisor during their first semester at MSU.

Our faculty serve as the primary advisors in our College. Please log into MyInfo and access  DegreeWorks to determine who your academic advisor is.

The College of Agriculture Advising Center will advise some entering students until they transition to their academic department. For more information or questions, contact us at or 406.994.3681. 

Dr. Tracy Dougher, Jessica Murdock, and Jane Boyd make up the College Advising Center. To contact or schedule an appointment with a member of the Center, follow the links below:

Jane Boyd, Scholarship and Student Services Coordinator Email Jane. Set up an appointment with Jane

Jessica Murdock, Director of Student Services Email Jessica.

Dr. Tracy Dougher, Associate Dean Email Tracy.

Work with your academic advisor on the format of your appointment (in-person, virtual, phone, etc.)


Learn more about the CoA Advising Center and the Academic Advising Process.

Questions about advising? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions! 

Transferring into the College?

Incoming transfer students are encouraged to work directly with their new academic department to discuss previous coursework, possible course substitutions and exceptions and to plan courses. 

Click here for a list of departmental advising contacts for transfer students.

A note about Academic Advising at MSU:

At MSU, we believe that academic advising is a critical component of a student's University experience. Advising teaches students how to navigate their academic journey and take ownership of their college experience. Academic advisors are guides, mentors, and educators who encourage personal development and lifelong learning, and who share information about curricula, resources, and engagement opportunities. Students who engage in the advising process regularly will benefit from the guidance and support of their advisor. 

Learn more about academic advising at MSU.


Preparing to register for classes?

Click here to learn more about the registration process.

Preparing to graduate?

Click here to learn more about the graduation process. 


Unsure about a major? Looking for general help and assistance? Please feel free to contact the College of Agriculture Advising Center at or 406.994.3681.