The MSU Endowed Chair in Range Beef Cattle Nutrition & Management Research for Montana

red angus at bart farm

" I am pleased to build on the heritage of the Cameron pioneer family, while making a significant difference and direct benefit to Montana ranchers and the state's  greater agricultural community."

- Nancy Cameron, MSU alumna and chair founder 


Montana’s production livestock industry totals more than $2 million per year, a cornerstone sector of Montana’s $4 billion agricultural economy. Increasingly, Montana cattle producers are facing unique challenges in nutrient utilization, genetic management of herds, reproductive performance, neo-natal health, zoonotic diseases, external parasites, animal diseases, and management of range resources. 

Many thanks to a generous and fundamental $2 million gift by MSU alumna Nancy Cameron in 2013, MSU’s Department of Animal and Range Sciences had the capacity to create the university’s first-ever dedicated endowed chair in range beef research, named the Nancy Cameron Endowed Chair in Range Beef Cattle Production. The following year, Dr. Timothy DelCurto was hired as MSU’s endowed chair scholar who will lead faculty and students in research that will provide direct benefits to Montana ranchers and support the sustainability and economic vitality of Montana ranchers. 

As Montana’s original land-grant institution, MSU has a commitment to lead and conduct agricultural research that produces results for Montana’s agricultural challenges, both old and new. The College of Agriculture and Animal and Range Sciences Department work closely with agricultural stakeholders and producers across the state, grower groups and state agencies, dedicated advisory boards and remote MSU research centers, all who help to keep MSU's learning, teaching and research missions’ current.