Transferring into a program housed in the College of Agriculture? 

Transfer students are encouraged to work with a faculty member to assess past coursework and establish an appropriate schedule. Student Service Coordinators in each department will align students with appropriate faculty advisors. Please see the list below to determine the best contact for your area of interest:

Contact Kellie Christensen for the following programs:

  • Agriculture Business- Agribusiness
  • Agriculture Business- Farm and Ranch Management
  • Financial Engineering
  • Economics

Contact Robin Happel for the following programs:

  • Agriculture Education- Broadfield Teaching
  • Agriculture Education- Communications, Leadership or Extension Tracks
  • Technical Education- Broadfield Teaching
  • Technical Education- Industrial Technology

Contact Denise Thompson for the following programs:

  • Animal Science- Science
  • Animal Science- Equine Science
  • Animal Science- Livestock Management and Industry
  • Natural Resources and Rangeland Ecology- Rangeland Ecology and Management
  • Natural Resources and Rangeland Ecology- Wildlife Habitat Ecology and Managemen         

Contact Rachel Frost for the following program: 

  • Dan Scott Ranching Systems

Contact Jill Scarson for the following programs:

  • Environmental Sciences- Environmental Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences- Environmental Biology
  • Environmental Sciences- Soil and Water Science
  • Environmental Sciences- Geospatial and Environmental Analysis
  • Environmental Sciences- Land Rehabilitation
  • Sustainable Foods and Bioenergy Systems- Agroecology

Email for the following programs:

  • Plant Science- Crop Science
  • Plant Science- Plant Biology
  • Plant Science- Plant Biotechnology
  • Environmental Horticulture– Environmental Horticulture Science
  • Environmental Horticulture- Landscape Design
  • Sustainable Foods and Bioenergy Systems- Crop Production Option

Contact Loren Gray for the following programs:

  • Microbiology- All Options
  • Pre-Veterinary Program
  • Biotechnology- Animal Systems Option
  • Biotechnology- Microbial Systems Option

Contact Melissa Wysocki for the following programs:

  • Cell Biology and Neuroscience- Biomedical Science
  • Cell Biology and Neuroscience- Neuroscience